Sheet metalworking


Our services at a glance

  • Sheet metal roofing using the double or angled standing seam system in all designs (barrel roof, domed roof, tower roof, crenelated roof) 
  • Suspended guttering, either semicircular or angular
  • Internal roof and shed gutters 
  • Gutter boxes with decorations and curved goosenecks
  • Chimney surrounds, vapor pipe and ventilation edgings
  • Dormer cladding
  • Snow guard systems for seamed roofs
  • Rain gutters for accessible terraces and balconies
  • Facade cladding, horizontal and vertical cladding, using the standing seam or batten technique
  • Cover and weather protection grilles in all formats
  • Chimney claddings in sheet metal, covers and chimney hats
  • Chimney tops and chimney hats as covers or draft regulators, round or square
  • In-situ and fascia board claddings, roof superstructures and canopies
  • Tower tops and weather vanes
  • Special fittings
  • Bird and pigeon repellent systems
  • Gutter heating systems (self-regulating)

Facade components

The facade is the face of your property. As an essential part of the building envelope, it should provide effective protection against external influences such as rain, snow, wind, heat and cold. But that is not its only task: a facade can and should establish a very specific visual emphasis. This is where your requirements and wishes come into play, as every facade offers a variety of architectural design possibilities, which we are happy to implement according to your ideas.


Lightning protection

It becomes more and more apparent each year that we are living in times of climate change as the number and frequency of violent storms with lightning and thunder continue to grow. This is clearly illustrated by the fact that new records for lightning are set every summer in Switzerland. Lightning flashes may look beautiful and fascinating, but at the same time they represent a massive threat to your home. When lightning strikes an unprotected house, people can be fatally injured and, in the worst case scenario, the house can even burn down – and that’s something that no amount of money can ever replace. We can equip your property with effective lightning protection, given that neither high trees nor towering buildings or bodies of water in the immediate vicinity can guard against lightning strikes.


Verglaste Einbauten

Mehr Raum, Licht und Komfort, aber vor allem deutlich mehr Lebensqualität – das ermöglichen verglaste Einbauten in Dächern wie Dachfenster. Dabei bieten wir Ihnen eine Vielzahl von unterschiedlichsten Ausführungen an, die sich jeweils perfekt auf Ihre Anforderungen, Bedürfnisse und Wünsche anpassen lassen. Ganz gleich, ob Sie ein Steildach oder Flachdach haben, in unserem Programm finden Sie Dachfenster mit hoher Sicherheit und geprüfter Langlebigkeit zu attraktiven Preisen. Auch innovative Lösungen wie automatische Dachfenster sind bei uns Standard. Fragen Sie uns einfach nach der idealen Lösung für Sie. Wir bauen bei Ihnen gerne mehr Wohnqualität ein.

Sheet metalworking: attractive protection for your property

Metalwork is one of the most important components to ensure the weather resistance and durability of a building. Regardless of whether our sheet metalworking experts are taking care of the roof or the facade of your property – or both – we will use our creative scope to implement your requirements, needs and wishes. 

The following materials are available to us – and to you – for this purpose: copper sheets, patinated or pre-weathered copper sheets, tinned copper sheets, copper-titanium-zinc sheets, titanium-zinc sheets, “pre-weathered pro” zinc sheets, UGINOX FTE and “ROOFINOX” stainless chrome-nickel steel, as well as “ugitop” stainless steel. Whether on a pitched or flat roof – we can carry out all types of metalworking on your property.

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Sheet metalworking

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